Precision Infrared Windows

Offering IR windows in volume.

Cleartran™, germanium, sapphire and silicon are excellent choices for infrared windows.  These materials are commonly used in critical environments where extreme conditionsare encountered.

Sydor Optics manufactures custom infrared windows for important commercial and defense applications. We can double-side polish multiple parts in a single run, making this cost-effective for manufacturing these types of optics. Currently we are capable of producing over thousands of IR windows per month.

We offer both CNC machining and double-sided grinding/polishing services to produce custom parts that are to specification, within budget and delivered on time.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Working with Cleartran, germanium, sapphire and silicon

Custom shapes with mechanical features available such as holes, channels, counterbores, flanges, etc

Any shape up to 300 mm in diameter/diagonal, larger window designs will need to be reviewed by our engineers 

Thickness starting at 1 mm to 15 mm with tolerances down to +/-0.020 mm

Cosmetics to 20-10 per MIL-PRF-13830B

Transmitted wavefront better than ¼ wave

Parallelism better than 5 arc seconds

Interferometry available for both 633 nm and 3.39 um wavelengths

Available with antireflective coatings

Windows can also be mounted into frames or subassemblies

Currently producing hundreds of IR windows per month

Applications for IR Optical Windows

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Inspection port windows
Medical imaging
Thermal imaging


Electro-optic sensors
Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance imaging
Laser designation & targeting
Missile & rocket windows
MWIR laser systems
Thermal imaging

Infrared (IR) Window Shapes

Below are some of the standard optical window shapes that Sydor Optics customers frequently order. Of course, Sydor Optics can manufacture custom optical windows — with various shapes and sizes — using CNC Glass Machining or Laser Machining capabilities to meet your specific needs.

Circular Windows

Square Windows

Rectangular Windows

Elliptical Windows