State-Of-The-Art Equipment

Sydor Optics has a large array of equipment to measure dimensional and optical specifications. Featuring 13 interferometers dedicated to wavefront measurement and surface profilometry, Sydor Optics technicians are fully equipped to meet your metrology needs.
We also have one of the few, precision data, fully-automated scratch-dig inspection systems in the USA.

Data & Reporting

Custom data packages are available including customer-generated formatting as part of a purchase contract. Multiple Inspection reports are also available by request, and can be provided in hardcopy or electronic media. Typically, reports are shipped with finished goods, but Sydor Optics also offers cloud server data-sharing for near real-time customer acquisition of data. Stand-alone statistical analysis and report-based statistical analysis can also be provided upon request. PDF scratch-dig reports will be available starting Fall 2018.


Sydor Optics offers an extensive array of optical testing capability up to 18” in diameter for visible wavelengths, and up to 14” in diameter for infrared materials. Surface Roughness, Reflected Wavefront Error, Surface Topography, Transmitted WaveFront Error, Parallelism, Bow, Warp and Total Thickness Variation are among the optical characteristics commonly tested.

IR interferometry for parts up to 14″ in diameter

VIS interferometry for parts up to 18″ in diameter

Whether testing for typical optical characteristic such as transmitted wavefront, reflected wavefront, transmittance; or for dimensional characteristics such as parallelism, surface profilometry, length, width or diameter. Sydor Optics understands the need for in-depth extended analysis requests and has a knowledgeable engineering staff to aid with non-standard data requests. Custom data reports for metrology services are available as part of initial contract agreements.

While surface cosmetics are typically inspected in accordance to MIL-PRF-13830B, Sydor Optics is proud to offer the most calibrated, objective surface inspection verification through the use of a Savvy Optics Scope™, and with our newest addition, the Optilux SD, ending the subjective, eye-to-eye differences in scratch reflectance. The Optilux SD offers fully automated recording, measurement and PDF reporting.

Sydor Optics also offers CMM testing for dimensional aspects of flat and asymmetrical geometries featuring laser, optical and touch probe characterization of part features accurate to within 0.1 microns.

 Inspection & Metrology Equipment

Zygo 6” Mark GPI XPS Horizontal Interferometer

Zygo 4” / 12” Mark GPI XPS Horizontal Interferometer

Zygo 18” Mark GP XPS Horizontal Interferometer

Zygo Verifire 3.39µm IR Interferometer – 6” aperture with 14” Stitch Platform Capability

Tropel FlatMaster 12” Horizontal Interferometer

Tropel FlatMaster 200 Wafer Interferometer

Tropel FlatMaster MSP300 Wafer Interferometer

Zygo NewView 6300 White Light Surface Profilometer / Interferometer

Perkin-Elmer Lamda40 UV/VIS Spectrometer

Vision Engineering Swift-Duo Non-Contact Video Measurement System

SavvyInspector SIF-4 Surface Quality Inspection Scope

OGP SmartScope Flash500 Laser, Optical, Probe Capable CMM

Custom HUD Beam Deviation Measurement System

Mitutoyo SP5 Non-Rotating Spindle Speed Micrometers

Heidenhain 28 1B Surface Contact Thickness Gage

Apre Instrument 4” interferometer with Zygo 24” Beam Expander

Optilux SD Scratch/Dig Inspection System