Ultrasonic Cleaning

Sydor Optics ultrasonic cleaning capabilities include an automated, 6-bath ultrasonic cleaning unit operating at 104 kHz, and a manual, 2-bath system that operates at 40 kHz. Our automated system can be customized for specific cleaning requirements based on your specifications. All ultrasonic cleaning is completed in a cleanroom environment.

Spin-Rinse Drying

To complement our ultrasonic cleaning systems, Sydor Optics offers DI water spin-rinse cleaning with Nitrogen purge drying as a secondary operation to ensure a higher level of cleanliness. Our future capabilities include a brush-contact, single-wafer scrubber that will further enhance our precision cleaning capabilities.

Cleanroom Packaging

Sydor Optics offers precision cleanroom inspection and packaging. Optical components can be inspected in a cleanroom environment under a flow-booth, and vacuum sealed in a nitrogen-purged ULO bag, ensuring that your finished goods maintain their level of cleanliness throughout shipment.

3 Levels of Cleaning & Packaging

Tier 1

Sydor Optics offers full cleanroom environment ultrasonic cleaning, inspection & vacuum packaging to ensure the highest level of cleanliness & protection. Customers who need the utmost in precision cleaning & packaging applications (such as wafer processing) often choose this option.

Tier 2

This option of precision cleaning utilizes ultrasonic cleaning with standard packaging in a non-cleanroom environment. This option is best for customers with precision requirements, but not as extreme as the Tier 1 option.

Tier 3

Sydor Optics offers standard hand cleaning & packaging in a non-cleanroom environment for customers who are looking for the best value without the expense of precision cleanliness (especially when it’s not required for a particular application).

Wafer Specific Packaging Options

Disposable Shipper

Horizontal Shipper

Vetical Shipper

Single Wafer Shipper

Standard Packaging Options

Tissue Paper

Cloth Lined Envelope

Glassine Envelope

Custom Packaging