New Objective Scratch/Dig Measurement Control Capability for Sydor Optics

Sydor Optics is excited to announce its newest inspection equipment acquisition which will provide our customers with a precise and objective surface cosmetic assessment. Our customers may now look forward to repeatable and objective component QC inspection.

One of the strengths of this system is the assessment and application of accumulation rules which has always been a challenge for optics inspection.

The Optilux SD does this automatically using custom software assessing both scratches and digs. The software offers the additional capability to output PDF reports indicating pass/fail based on the observed defects. This new process is so accurate it may be correlated with other systems, allowing technicians to refine their production processes, or be used for secondary site verification. The Optliux SD system automatically scans surfaces up to 300 mm square x 50 mm in thickness or multiple cavity setups, while reporting all observed defects in a specified area saving inspectors valuable time in assessing borderline defects.

This system is being tested and will be available in early fall.

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