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Sydor Celebrates Another Record-Breaking Month

“Congratulations to the Sydor Optics Team on yet another record month (March 2019) of shipments to our customers in our 50 year history!”

– Mike Ognenovski, President

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Sydor Team
Sydor Celebrates Record-Breaking Month

“Congratulations to the Sydor Optics team for a record-breaking month in July, since the company was formed in 1964, for overall sales and shipments! The team had a substantial opportunity to meet our customer’s needs and ensure deliveries were on time, in full, and delivered without error! This took the collective teamwork of all functional areas and the sales team as they rallied to ensure our customers were well taken care of during a record sales month. I am very proud of the team and their commitment to our customers.”
– Mike Ognenovski, President

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