Light Pipes and Homogenizing Rods

Wedge angle, parallelism, and perpendicularity tolerances down to 1 arc minute.

Custom Light Pipe Fabrication

Sydor Optics fabricates custom light pipes also known as integrator bars, light pipe homogenizing rods, or just homogenizers. No matter what you call them, Sydor Optics is a renowned manufacturer of light pipes offering a wide assortment of materials and diverse shapes including: rectangular, square, hexagonal and tapered.

Glass light pipes from Sydor Optics are specially designed to channel light from one end to another utilizing Total Internal Reflection (TIR) to ensure a uniform and evenly homogenized light for all kinds of illumination systems. So whether you’re aiming to uniformly combine light from various sources to increase intensity, develop specific spectral profiles, or otherwise transform non-uniform light into uniform illumination, Sydor Optics can help.

  • High-volume capabilities
  • Custom manufacturing of light pipes/integrator bars
  • Up to 450mm in length and 150mm in width
  • Thickness up to 100mm
  • Available in multiple shapes and unique geometries
Light Pipes Manufacturer
Custom Light Pipe
Light Pipe Manufacturing Limits
Length / Width≤ 450mm x 150mm
Thickness≤ 100mm
Thickness Tolerance≤ ± 0.01mm
Cosmetics (MIL-PRF-13830B)60-40 to 10-5
Surface Roughness≥ 3 Ǻ rms
Wedge Angle≥ 1 arc minute
Parallelism≥ 1 arc minute
Perpendicularity≥ 1 arc minute
Reflected Wavefront Error (RWE) - before coating≥ 1/20 wave over clear aperture
Transmitted Wavefront Error (TWE) - before coating> 1/2 wave over clear aperture
Clear Aperture≤ 95%

Light Pipe Shapes

Sydor Optics can manufacture custom optical light pipes — with various shapes and sizes —  to meet your specific needs.

Some of the standard light pipe shapes that Sydor Optics customers frequently order include:

  • Square Light Pipes
  • Rectangular Light Pipes
  • Hexagonal Light Pipes
  • Tapered Light Pipes
Tapered Light Pipe

Light Pipe Applications

Illumination Systems
Imaging Systems
Machine Vision
Request high-volume production custom optics.

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