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The Importance of Customer Service

 A Top Customer Who Almost Wasn’t

I recently had the opportunity to dine with one of our largest and growing customers and learned the importance of customer service.  During dinner it became obvious both companies shared similar cultures.  After dinner I had an open discussion with their lead buyer who told me they are very eager in doing business with us as they were impressed with our customer support and how easy it was to work with us.

I agreed and responded we appreciate doing business with them as they are open in their communications and information sharing, treating us as partners who want us to succeed knowing our collective success is of mutual benefit. 

I asked her how they initially reached out to us since we had not contacted them directly and we had not done business together in the past.  She went on to say they were having quality and supply issues with their current supply chain for flat optics, which prompted her to search the internet for other manufacturers, where she found Sydor Optics at the top of her search results.  Thankfully for us she made the call to Sydor Optics and started a conversation that has resulted in one of our best customer business relationships. The intimate customer / supplier relationship is key and what we offer at Sydor Optics.  We are receptive to feedback, communicate openly and will do what we need to take care of our customer’s needs. As our customer’s business grows, we both look forward to sustained years of doing business together! 

Joe Tipps

Joe Tipps – Sales Account Manager

Our customers often come to us when they want to push their products further and need a reliable partner. One such instance was when a customer wanted to develop an extremely flat, thin glass with specifications that historically had not been reached, in order to launch a new product line. Instead of turning down the project, we took this as a challenge to push our capabilities further. 

Team research and development were implemented to determine the feasibility of creating a repeatable process to meet the stringent flatness demands. Our sales, engineering, and production teams worked together to deliver prototype glass to the customer, which was then approved for manufacturing. We were able to deliver parts that met the elevated needs of our customer and allowed them to enter the marketplace with the new product line.

Not only does Sydor Optics offer the best in double-sided grinding and polishing service, we offer the largest number of polishing machines in the US to cover any sized flat optic request—from the smallest to largest available.

Take advantage of Sydor’s generous capacity for prototyping to polishing and substrate handling expertise for an impeccably finished product. We ensure a successful outcome backed by high-precision capabilities, ability to meet exacting specifications, delivery of pristine glass, and by providing validated data with every shipment.

Consistent Delivery and Quality Products

Sydor was involved in the prototyping for a large program for a few years but lost to a non-US company. We were later called by the customer and brought back into the conversation when this supplier failed to consistently deliver the quantity and quality required. We worked with the customer, engineering and production teams closely to determine to determine a price point that would make the high volume program work for both parties.

By working towards the customer’s needs as a team, they eventually grew to be one of the largest in the company’s history.

Michael Naselaris

Michael Naselaris, Sales Account Manager

Keeping Project Launches on Track

When working with glass, accidents sometimes occur. A customer dropped and broke a large optic after delivery that needed to be in seated in place in one week or the project would need to be rescheduled, causing major pains for the project. Because of the vast selection of polishing machinery at Sydor, the part was able to be recreated in a very short time, re-delivered and the project moved forward as planned.

Tom DeMay

Tom DeMay, Sales Director

Scheduling Promises Kept

A customer quoted their customer the wrong delivery date by mistake – by 4 weeks – and had very expensive testing immediately following delivery that could not be rescheduled. After meeting with the customer, Sydor made the decision to have staff work overtime and weekends to meet their date.

Sydor has 95% on-time delivery for our customers and works hard to make that happen for every job.

New Process Development – Pushing Boundaries

Several years ago, we began a fused silica wafer project for a life science company that involved back-thinning very thin wafers. At the time, back-thinning  was a new process at Sydor, so we welcomed the customer’s engineers into our facility to collaborate on the development and optimization of the new process. We worked together closely for three weeks to test and solidify the processes required to meet the customer’s product specifications.

As a result of Sydor Optics learning and implementing the process, we were able to supply them with the products that would enable them to grow at a rate of doubling their business every eight months.