Optical Wedges

Optical wedges with ± 10 arc seconds of wedge angle tolerance. Superior craftsmanship made to your specifications in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.

Custom Optical Wedge Fabrication

Sydor Optics manufactures custom optical wedges  used in a variety of applications. Flat optics with a wedge angle are typically used in laser applications for beam steering and beam displacement or for preventing stray-back reflections, and can also be used in virtually any type of optical component to change the direction of light.

With decades of experience Sydor Optics is the preferred choice for exceptional cosmetics, wedge angle tolerance and surface roughness. Optical wedges are manufactured to meet your exacting specifications in a wide variety of custom shapes, sizes, materials with optional coatings for ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS) and infrared (IR) applications.

Custom Wedge Prisms

Available Material Types

Based upon customer demand, Sydor Optics offers Optical Wedges made from the following substrate materials. Of course, if you don’t see a material you need, please contact a Sales Engineer, who will gladly discuss additional options that may be available.

Wedge Prisms
Wedge Manufacturing Limits
Diameter≤ 360mm
Length / Width≤ 300mm x 200mm
Thickness≤ 50mm
Thickness Tolerance± 0.01mm
Cosmetics (MIL-PRF-13830B)60-40 to 10-5
Surface Roughness≥ 3 Ǻ rms
Reflected Wavefront Error (RWE) - before coating≥ 1/20 wave over clear aperture
Wedge Angle Tolerance± 10 arc seconds
Clear Aperture≤ 95%

Wedge Shapes

Sydor Optics can manufacture custom optical wedges — with various shapes and sizes — using CNC Glass Machining capabilities to meet your specific needs.

Some of the standard optical wedge shapes that Sydor Optics customers frequently order include:

  • Circular Wedges
  • Square Wedges
  • Rectangular Wedges
  • Trapezoidal Wedges

Optical Wedge Applications

Beam Shaping
Beam Steering
Laser Systems
Prevent Back Reflections
Variable Focusing
Request high-volume production custom optics.

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